Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Scotiabank settles - CIBC will defend its position vigorously

“There’s no cap. Whatever claims are validated or accepted by the bank will be paid,” said O’Connor, adding if an employee is not satisfied with a decision, he or she can appeal to an independent arbitrator, with the bill footed by the bank. O’Connor believes this settlement sends a clear message to Canadian companies.

It’s a pretty simple message that employers should pay people for the work that they do that benefits the company,” he said.

Yeah. That's a pretty simple message the crooked dolts at CIBC should start believing, along with other things.

"O’Connor, who is also acting for the plaintiffs in the CIBC case, said that company has indicated it intends to go to trial.

CIBC will defend its position vigorously in court,” said CIBC spokeswoman Caroline Van Hasselt. “The overtime policy at CIBC is clear, easily accessible to employees and exceeds legislative requirements in Canada.”