Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dance On - CIBC first appearance

We will be appearing for a dance date with opposing counsel from CIBC in a week or so in chambers.

Chambers applications can be a real hoot sometimes. A body gets the opportunity to sit through HOURS of other people's usually boring horsechit before, hopefully, getting called for 30 seconds worth of earnest spewing before the end of the day.
The simplest of matters (of which this most certainly is) can and do cost a fukkin fortune. Whilst I won't be charging myself for my awesome lawyertard talents, opposing counsel will be charging CIBC more than $ 1500 per hour for his.

We get forked around for 6 hours? That's very nearly equal to this entire fukkin claim already, and on ONE appearance that doesn't "resolve" anything for crying out loud. Everybody getting the idea of how things "work" now?